We can customize reel to fit your needs!

We send to Slovakia, Germany, Poland...with cash on delivery.


1. TIP - ELECTRIC FOIL ROLLER WITH REMOTE CONTROL, automatic stop, SMART HOME ready, speed adjusting of strong motor, price from 700 €  (including VAT)

Pool opening!

Pool covering!

2. TIP - the best-selling and safest reel = manual roller fixed in the ground, from 246  (including VAT)


3. TIP - new type of reel for above ground pool


4. TIP - choose colour of your reel - RAL colour standard  for series price

            - best selling - white RAL9010 glossy or matt


5. TIP - We customize reel to fit yout needs - width, lenght, color, fixation..., do not hesitate to contact us!

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